Fraser Valley Secondary Schools Soccer Commission


AAA Fraser Valley Senior Girls Soccer Tournament

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DateGame Number       Home Team Visiting Team Location Score 
Monday, May 8th#1 (1 vs 16)Panorama Ridge Abbotsford Newton Athletic Turf   7-1 
 #2 (8 vs 9) WJ Mouat CentennialWJ Mouat  Secondary Turf  0-6
 #3 (5 vs 12) Fleetwood Park Walnut GroveCloverdale Athletic  1-2
 #4 (4 vs 13) Clayton Heights Terry FoxCloverdale Athletic  3-1
 #5 (3 vs 14) Sardis Elgin ParkSardis Secondary  2-1

#6 (6 vs 11)South Delta Lord TweedsmuirWinskill Park Turf  3-0
 #7 (7 vs 10) Charles Best Earl Marriott Charles Best Secondary Turf   2-1
 #8 (2 vs 15) Heritage Woods Enver CreekHeritage Woods Secondary Turf  1-2
May 10th 
#9 (L1 vs L2) WJ Mouat AbbotsfordWJ Mouat Secondary Turf  1-2
(L3 vs L4) 
Fleetwood Park Terry FoxFleetwood Park Secondary  3-0
(L5 vs L6) 
Lord Tweedsmuir Elgin ParkCloverdale Athletic Turf  0-4
(L7 vs L8) 
Heritage Woods Earl MarriottHeritage Woods Secondary Turf  5-2
(W1 vs W2) 
Panorama Ridge CentennialNewton Athletic Turf  3-1
(W3 vs W4) 
Clayton Heights Walnut GroveCloverdale Athletic Turf  3-0
(W5 vs W6) 
Sardis South DeltaSardis Secondary  2-1 
(W7 vs W8) 

Charles Best 

Enver CreekCharles Best Secondary Turf  9-0
May 15th
(L15 vs W9)
South Delta AbbotsfordWinskill Park Turf  7-0
(L16 vs W10)
Fleetwood Park Enver CreekFleetwood Park Secondary  1-0
(L13 vs W11)
Centennial Elgin ParkCoquitlam Town Centre  4-1
(L14 vs W12) 
Heritage Woods Walnut Grove Heritage Woods Secondary Turf  5-0
(W13 vs W14) 
Panorama Ridge Clayton HeightsNewton Athletic Turf  3-2
(W15 vs W16) 
Sardis Charles BestSardis Secondary  4-0
Wednesday, May 17th #23
(W17 vs W18) 
Fleetwood Park South DeltaCloverdale Athletic 
(2:30 Kickoff)
(W19 vs W20) 
Heritage Woods CentennialHeritage Woods Secondary Turf  1-2
May 18th 
(L23 vs L24)
(7th and 8th)
Heritage WoodsFleetwood ParkSouth Surrey Athletic 
12:00pm Kickoff
(W23 vs W24)
(5th and 6th) 
South Delta CentennialSouth Surrey Athletic 
12:00pm Kickoff
(L21 vs L22)
(3rd and 4th) 
Clayton Heights Charles BestSouth Surrey Athletic 
2:00pm Kickoff
(W21 vs W22)
(1st and 2nd) 
Panorama Ridge SardisSouth Surrey Athletic
2:00pm Kickoff