Fraser Valley Secondary Schools Soccer Commission


Delta Standings and Schedules - Junior Girls


Team Wins Ties Losses GF GA PTS 
Burnsview 202346
South Delta1281

Date HomeVisitor Location Score 
Thursday, April 6thDelviewBurnsview Delsom Turf   2-1
 South Delta Bye ---   --- 
Tuesday, April 11thBurnsview Bye ---   --- 
 Delview South Delta Delsom Turf    6-1
Thursday, April 13thDelviewBye---    --- 
 South Delta Burnsview Winskill Park Turf    0-1
Tuesday, April 18thBurnsview Delview Mackie Park Turf   0-2
 South DeltaBye ---   --- 
Thursday, April 20thBurnsviewBye ---   --- 
 South DeltaDelview Winskill Park Turf    0-0
Tuesday, April 25thDelview Bye---   --- 
 BurnsviewSouth Delta Mackie Park Turf   1-0
Thursday, April 27th DelviewBYE---   ---

BurnsviewSouth DeltaMackie Park Turf  1-0 PK
Tuesday, May 2nd DelviewBurnsviewDelsom Turf   1-2

 Tuesday, May 9th - Thursday, May 18th - Fraser Valley Championships - Top 2 Qualify 

Surrey Standings and Schedule - Junior Girls
TeamWinsTies Losses GF GA PTS 
Fraser Heights20 15 
Clayton Heights12 
Panorama Ridge210 7
Enver Creek  17 
Lord Tweedsmuir 14 
North Surrey 0051250


DateHome Visitor Location Score 
Tuesday, April 4th PR CHNewton 0-2
 NS  FHNS 1-7
 LT          ECCloverdale 3:00 2-5
Thursday, April 6th 
CH ECWilloughby #2 1-0
 LT          NSCloverdale  3:00 4-0
Tuesday, April 11th  EC PREC 1-2
 FH LTErma Stephenson 5-2
 NS CHNS 0-1
Thursday, April 13th  PRLTNewton 1-1
 ECNS Cloverdale 3:00 7-0
 CHFHWilloughby #2 0-1
Tuesday, April 18thPR NS Newton 6-0
 LT        CHCloverdale 3:00 0-1
Wednesday, April 19thFHPRErma Stephenson 3-1
Thursday, April 20th (Playoffs)FH + CHBYE ------
     (QF1)PRNSat Newton #1 4-0
     (QF2)ECLTat Hjorth #1 1-0
Tuesday, April 25th            (SF1)FHECErma Stephenson 0-5
                                      (SF2)CHPRHjorth #1 1-4
 LTNSCloverdale 3:00 4-0
Thursday, April 27th           (1/2)ECPRNewton #3 2-1
                                            (3/4)FHCHErma Stephenson 4-0
Tuesday, May 2ndALLBYE --- --- 
Thursday, May 4th (Play-In)Heritage Woods Lord TweedsmuirHeritage Woods5-3
Tues, May 9 - Thur, May 18Fraser ValleyChampionshipsTop 4.5 Qualify  


North Standings and Schedule - Junior Girls


TeamWins Ties Losses GF GA PTS 
Charles Best62318
Terry Fox13513 4
Heritage Woods1113 4
Gleneagle Exhibition
Pinetree SeniorN/AN/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 

*Score does not count toward standings 

Date Home Visitor Location Score 
Tuesday, April 4thCharles BestHeritage Woods Charles Best @3:00 pm5-0
 Terry FoxRiversideTerry Fox0-1

GleneagleCentennnialCoq Twn Ctr East 0-1*
 PinetreeBYE --- --- 
Thursday, April 6th
RiversideHeritage Woods Gates Park 5-0 
 PinetreeCharles Best Cunnings @Coq Twn [email protected]:45 pm*
 T Fox/CentennialBYE --- --- 
Tuesday, April 11thTerry FoxCharles BestTerry Fox0-5
 PinetreeCentennial Cunnings @Coq Twn [email protected]:45 pm1-2* 
 Heritage WoodsGleneagle Heritage Woods 
Thursday, April 13th
Heritage WoodsCentennial Heritage Woods 3-1
 Terry Fox Pinetree Terry Fox
Tuesday, April 18thCharles BestCentennialCharles Best3-1
 RiversideGleneagleGates Park5-0*
 Heritage Woods
Heritage Woods
 Terry FoxBYE --- --- 
Thursday, April 20thTerry FoxHeritage WoodsTerry Fox2-2
 RiversideCentennial Gates Park6-1
 Best/Pinetree BYE------ 
Tuesday, April 25th
PinetreeGleneagle Cunnings @Coq Twn [email protected]:45 pm
 RiversideCharles BestGates Park0-2
 Terry Fox Centennial Terry Fox 3-0
Heritage WoodsBYE------ 
Thursday, April 27th Terry FoxCharles BestTerry Fox 0-5
 PinetreeHeritage Woods[email protected] Twn [email protected]:45 pm *
 Riverside/Cent BYE--- --- 
Tuesday, May 2ndCharles BestRiverside Charles Best 3-2
 Terry FoxBYE --- --- 
 Centennial Heritage WoodsCoq Twn Ctr West @3:30 pm*

Gleneagle PinetreeCunnings @Coq Twn [email protected]:45 pm
Thursday, May 4thRiversideTerry Fox Gates Park  
 Charles BestBYE --- --- 

Centennial Pinetree [email protected] Twn [email protected]:30 pm 
(Play-In)Heritage WoodsLord TweedsmuirHeritage Woods5-3
Tue May9-Thu May18Fraser Valley Championships
Top 3.5 Qualify